Living Liberation


Living Liberation

Meditation & Spiritual Development Home Study Course

Most people have heard the phrase ” We are not human beings having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

Living Liberation™ the Six Principles of Conscious Healing & Awakening – is the ‘missing manual’.

Do you want to……

◆ understand how life works in plain everyday language?

◆ be more present & self aware?

◆ find the source of love?

◆ have the confidence to meet life whatever it looks like?

◆ deepen you relationship with yourself and others?

◆ free yourself from limiting patterns?

◆ know how to transform negative emotions?

◆ have more tolerance & compassion?

◆ have a simple, practical tool for self healing?

◆ learn how to meditate & understand why?

If you have 30 minutes a day – you can.

What is Living Liberation? In essence it is the culmination of insights from 20 years of spiritual practice and from working with hundreds of clients doing Spiritual healing. It is the understanding of life itself as a spiritual process, that there is in fact nothing else going on.

But,,, you may be thinking….. there are thousands of things going on and not very many of them look like a spiritual process. And you are quite right, they do not ‘look like’ spiritual evolution if we don’t understand it’s principles. And let’s face it, most of us don’t look at life that way, but then, we have probably never been taught how.

Living Liberation will show you  exactly what the principles of life as a spiritual process are, and more, will give you tools to integrate this understanding into how you live your life.

At it’s heart Living Liberation teaches you a meditation practice. It’s purpose is to practice the principles of conscious healing and awakening – the spiritual process of life. This is done in six components, designed to be added weekly. This is not because the meditation is complicated, but to give time for each component to be understood and integrated.

Accompanying each meditation component is a commentary and workbook to further connect your understanding of the principle being practiced into everyday life.


*Teaches us to live in the moment, grounded in a place of peace.

* Expands consciousness and connects us with a deeper understanding of life.

* Allows us to take responsibility for our own choices and experience.

* Improves physical, mental and emotional health.

* Gives greater self-confidence and an enhanced ability to relate to others.

* Increased creativity and decision-making skills.

* Establishes an inner experience of joy, freeing us from the past.

* Accelerates spiritual development.

* Understand the principles of life in a clear and practical way.

Learning the Living Liberation Meditation practice does not require or oppose any particular religious or spiritual beliefs. The Living Liberation home study course is designed to take a minimum of 7 weeks. You can of course take as long as you need.


7 weekly study manuals (as pdf);

The 6 meditation components that accompany weeks 2 – 7, as mp3’s

Wk 1 – The How & Why of Life – A complete explanation of life as a spiritual process

Wk 2 – Principle 1 ‘Being Present’ – Study manuals/workbook & meditation recording

Wk 3 – Principle 2 ‘Accepting’  – Study manual/workbook & meditation recording

Wk 4 – Principle 3 ‘Grounding’- Study manual/workbook & meditation recording

Wk 5 – Principle 4 ‘Opening & Expanding’ – Study manual/workbook & meditation recording

Wk 6 – Principle 5 ‘Focusing on Essence’ – Study manual/workbook & meditation recording

Wk 7 – Principle 6 ‘Intensify & Aligning’ – Study manual/workbook & meditation recording

Plus these 3 additional bonuses

1: Meditation for Everyone (pdf ebook) – packed with useful and practical tips for a successful meditation practice. Gain some insight into the many physical and mental benefits of learning how to meditate and get advice from my 20+ years of meditating.

2: Heaven and Earth guided meditation mp3 – A guided meditation for centering, opening and expanding from the core.This meditation will also help you with good meditation posture.

3: The life-changing 6-hour MP3 audio program The Genesis of Love from best-selling author Guy Finley. Learn to use Love’s boundless energy to revitalize and deepen your relationships, release old limitations, and integrate all of your desires into a single creative force whose fearless nature is unstoppable.

(Sells for $24.95)

Is it all just hype? I have taught Living Liberation as both a workshop and course since 1992. I have taught it in England, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and the USA. Here are what real people have said about it…..

“For the first time, here was a model of the world and our place within it, that I knew to be true – at the deepest level of my being. In his inspiring and magical workshop “Living Liberation”, Ray teaches a definitive practical process whereby we can be liberated by the experiences of our life, and our pain, not victimized by them. On completion you discover that you have moved from A – Z, and you understand the depth to which you have been asleep.”

Kate Mathers, Australia (Meditation teacher)

“I can’t remember any other time when I have learned so much that has been so valuable. I have been involved in personal growth for 20 years, have done literally hundreds of workshops, sat with 1000’s of people as they came to therapy. In the last month more has changed for me than ever in my life. I have experienced a profound shift in my relationships since Ray’s workshop. This seems like the most valuable gift I could ever have been given. Ray’s workshops are both practical and simple I was struck too about how profound the teachings are and on how many levels they can be applied. The philosophy and techniques are immediately useable and easy to apply. Highly recommended.”

Nitya Rona, Australia (Therapist)

“I have worked in Human Resources for over ten years and have been involved in commissioning and delivering courses. I have attended many personal development workshops and trained in some healing techniques. The Living Liberation course is one of the best I have ever experienced. I learned how to process uncomfortable feelings for myself; to further understand how we are all interconnected, and begin to understand my purpose in life. I thoroughly recommend Living Liberation to anyone who is interested in freeing themselves from limiting patterns and accelerating their spiritual development.”

Debbie Reeds, Bangkok, Thailand (Life coach)

“I so appreciate being encouraged to totally allow and accept the emergence of many levels and aspects of myself and this is what the methods Ray teaches bring. And in a society where self denial, criticism and judgment are the norm I consider this a definite guide towards self love, self healing and a reclaiming or returning to a more honest foundation and spirituality.”

Genevieve Appleby, UK (Photographer)

“It was a perfect introduction and insight not only into how to meditate but into owning and taking responsibility for my life, actions, thoughts and feelings. A workshop that should be part of everyone’s education about life.”

Mat Bartsch, UK (Gym owner – fitness coach)

“I am deeply grateful to Ray for the dedication and time he has spent developing his work and for so generously imparting what he has learned. I encourage all to embrace this opportunity to expand. It changed my life”

Elise Papineau, USA (Events co-ordinator)

This course will teach a radical new way of viewing and understanding the nature and working of life. It offers a clear view of how the experiences of your life arise and why, but more importantly how you can creatively engage in your life’s process to create freedom.

I am so confident that if you read integrate and practice the material and meditation in this course you will experience positive change, that if you don’t I will give you your money back – no questions asked. My only proviso is your integrity to give the study material, workbooks and  meditations your best effort.

The cost of the course is just $77 47

That’s less than $1 a day for 7 weeks and a life times value!





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In real terms the price of this course is negligible compared to the benefits you will gain from it. I know because I don’t just teach it, I live it and that’s how it came to be.














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