Karma & The Evolution Of Consciousness

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Karma, held within us as unresolved, unhealed or incomplete past, manifests as external reflections through the law of sympathetic attraction. The degree of intensity of the internal energy of the karma and it’s layers of emotional and mental energy will exactly be reflected by the intensity of energy that manifests as our life circumstances. When we are ‘present’ to our triggered response to the reflections of our karma, we allow the held energy to move and therefor transform. When we aren’t present to it and run our defense and denial scripts/stratergies we perpetuate denial and deepen separation
Each time we don’t allow any movement of the triggered feelings, we not only increase denial of what is held,  but we also increase the intensity of the external reflection necessary to vibrate what we are holding. We bury things still deeper, so we need a stronger force to reach them. And if we continue in the pattern of denial, then an external circumstance will eventually come that will be so

powerful that we will be unable to deny.

Life will not be indefinitely denied, and will always be seeking a means of moving and returning to movement and expansion. And so it is that ‘accidents’ come about in our lives, and so it is that disease comes can about. They are both examples of life asserting itself, and its need – indeed it’s nature – to seek movement and evolve.  Our entire system, including the body, is designed for evolution, and therefore for self-healing; it is a self-healing system, when it is allowed to function without our resistance. We could say that the process of spiritual evolution is the surrender of resistance that maintains separation.

So life in its very nature, is constantly providing us with the circumstances for our liberation, for our healing. The journey of our healing, reclaiming, re-unifying all in us that is separate, and our spiritual evolution are one and the same – evolution in consciousness. There is nothing else going on – regardless of what anything appears to be or looks like or is believed to be. There is nothing but the ongoing process of liberation, the evolution of consciousness. Integrating this understanding brings us to a place where we can increasingly eliminate our resistance to, and align with, the process of our own healing and liberation.

Because we don’t want the experience of feeling what we are holding and deny it being there, the way that we view the places of separation in us – and the behaviors and beliefs arising from them – is largely as what is ‘wrong’ with us; where we fail; aren’t good enough, are unlovable….. We often feel if we could just get rid of or ‘fix’ such places in us we’d be fine; or possibly, more often, if someone else got rid of the reflection of them in themselves, that vibrates them in us, we’d be fine.

The out-picturing of this can be seen in the collective reflection of our attitude towards ‘appropriate’ emotional expression and the need to appear to be ok, be in control and to ‘understand’ or ‘know’. We fear the power of the feelings we are holding within us, we fear their ability to make us out of control. We fear that such an uncontrolled emotional state will prove we are as unlovable as we secretly believe we are.

When we can shift our perspective of awareness, and get beyond the appearance of symptoms of separation, and recognize them as arising from wounding, and as us where we have abandoned ourselves, where we are suffering, then the possibility of compassion towards ourselves and therefore to others is born.

We are so unpracticed in any real form of self-love that we need to practice.  Always the requirement of us is to go below the surface go inwards into ourselves to seek the truth of what is within us and why. Only our committed courage and self-honesty will be powerful enough to penetrate the patterns of denial, and release what is held.

Eventually, we get to a point when we can welcome the arrival of reflections that resonate with separation within us. We see that it is where we meet the ground of our liberation, where we are offered an opportunity for the healing of our wounds, and for unification of separation. The places of separation are the means of our liberation.

We can conclude then that our Karma is like a blueprint of our evolutionary pathway, our healing and spiritual process. Karma is the internal map of our process of Living Liberation, that life will present to us.

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